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energy boosters
02 Jul

3 Healthy and Natural Energy Boosters

by Punctual Abstract

Don’t reach for that energy drink. Don’t opt for that frozen, sugar-loaded coffee concoction. There are healthy ways to beat the 3 pm slump, and we’re serving them up here at the Punctual Abst..

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genetic testing
12 Jun

Genetic Testing: Should You Be Doing It?

by Punctual Abstract

Genetic testing has been described as the future of medicine, something destined to be as common as having your blood pressure checked or sticking your tongue out and saying “ahhh.” It’s little ..

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16 May

Longevity: Live & Eat Like the People Who Live Longest

by Punctual Abstract

Everywhere you look are advertisements for supplements, exercises and food groups that supposedly extend your life. But it turns out the secrets of living longer are all around us. The life expecta..

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23 Apr

The Best Red Wines For Your Heart

by Punctual Abstract

Everyone knows that red wines are supposed to be good for your heart. How much of that is true and how much is wishful thinking? You're in the right place. Red Wines for Your Ticker Red wine, in..

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