Leadership Team

Steve Daigle, Sr.
Steve Daigle, Sr.,

As Founder and Chairman of Punctual, Steve opened his doors in 1993.
Having been an abstractor since 1985 and running all departments both
solely and with a small Management Team, Steve is now mainly responsible
for financial decisions. Employees should seek their Department Supervisor
or Management Team prior to seeking Steve for consultation.
Steve Daigle, Jr.
Steve Daigle, Jr.,

Steve Jr. has been with us since 2012. In this position Steve Jr.
will be responsible for overseeing daily operations for each
department and keep Melissa apprised of significant
changes or events. He will continue to create enhanced
strategies and policies and will communicate and delegate
changes to employees. He will work to ensure that employees
are aligned with the company’s goals and upholding Punctual’s
mission statement – ‘Providing Quality Abstracts in a Timely Manner.’
800-588-0046 ext. #15
Donna Hunter
Associate Vice President
Donna Hunter,
Associate Vice President

Donna initially joined the Punctual family in 1997 and was
hired to be a typist/reviewer because of her prior abstracting
experience. Her role grew along with Punctual and eventually
was promoted to department head for one of our major clients.
After a 5 year absence, Donna returned and has been with us
for nearly 10 years. With 25 years’ experience in this industry,
she is our lead abstractor for Commercial and Project files, and
she is assists our in house abstractors with department processes
and procedures. In addition to her current role, Donna will now
be to assisting Melissa with maintaining client inquiries, quoting
project abstracts, and leading our Deed Prep team.
800-588-0046 ext. #30
Pamela Brady
Vice President
Pamela Brady,
Vice President

Pamela has been with Punctual since 2013. She started
off in the Doc Prep Department and quickly moved on to
assist in the Customer Service Department. After logging
rejections from clients, she has worked diligently to monitor
errors and make improvements in each department and
has initiated employee and vendor monthly scorecards.
She is also responsible for monitoring all other departments
and pinpoint areas of improvement and growth while also
keeping a close eye on performance, production, and evaluations
is another priority. Pamela will also maintain new recruits, employee
anniversaries & evaluations, as well as mentoring & training on an
ongoing basis. Directors and Supervisors should report to Pamela to
address concerns or resolve issues.
800-588-0046 ext. #32
Pete Russo
Vendor Manager
Pete Russo,
Vendor Manager

800-588-0046 ext. 48

Vickie Breaux
Vickie Breaux,

Vickie has been with us since 2007 and has the responsibility
of maintaining all of the company’s finances. In Vickie’s position
she will retain her responsibility of payroll, overseeing vendor
payments, and maintaining employee benefit packages among
many other duties. She has a team of specialists who assist her
in various aspects of the company’s overall finances.
800-588-0046 ext. #21
Shannon Jackson
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Shannon Jackson,
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Shannon has been with Punctual since 2012 and maintains
all Accounts Receivable. Her duties are to maintain client
invoices and daily payments received, send monthly
statements, and assist the accounting department as needed.
She also handles account collections and reconciliation.
800-588-0046 ext. #29

Rhonda Hidalgo
Senior In House Abstractor
Rhonda Hidalgo,
Senior In House Abstractor

Rhonda initially joined the Punctual Team in 1997 as a field
abstractor in Orleans Parish. After briefly working for a title
company, Rhonda returned in 2005. With the knowledge she
has acquired over the years, her expertise for residential
properties in both rural and metropolitan areas has been a
tremendous asset to Punctual. She works closely with Donna
Hunter with multiple commercial/project abstracts as well as
consults with In House Abstractors so that they can continue to
learn the finer points of our craft.
800-588-0046 ext. #39
Natalie Atkins
Senior Abstractor/Deed Prep Coordinator
Natalie Atkins,
Senior Abstractor/Deed Prep Coordinator

Natalie has been with Punctual since 2005, joining
our team shortly after Hurricane Katrina. She jumped
immediately into abstracting exclusively in East Baton
Rouge Parish, and then became an official In House
abstractor covering multiple neighboring parishes and
online parishes shortly thereafter. Now as a Senior Abstractor
and the Lead Deed Prep Coordinator for our Deed Team,
Natalie will also assist fellow abstractors with mortgage
double-checks, remote training with some online counties
and organizing and maintaining our Deed Team.
800-588-0046 ext. #28

Rebecca McInerney
Project Manager
Rebecca McInerney,
Project Manager

Rebecca has been with Punctual since 2012. She started off in
the Doc Prep department and quickly moved on to our Typing
Department. While in the typing department Rebecca was able
to learn the ins and outs of Punctual Abstract including learning
how to abstract, assisting in our Customer Service Department,
all while maintaining her position as Director of Document Recording.
Her knowledge in the different departments as well as well as
assisting in launching Punctual Abstract Base System, PABS, has led
to her role as Project Manager. Rebecca will work on the Parish
Directory which will make Punctual’s work flow more efficient as
well as develop Training Guidelines for employees and even certification
for Louisiana Abstractors.
800-588-0046 ext. #37

Scotti Haydel
Director of Data Entry
Scotti Haydel,
Director of Data Entry

Scotti has been with Punctual since January of 2015. She started
off in the Doc Prep department, quickly moved on to Data Entry
and then Reviewer. Her ability to learn quickly coupled with her
tremendous work ethic helped her achieve her goals of becoming
an abstractor. Her knowledge in these different departments has
led her to her new role as Director of Data Entry. In this role Scotti
will oversee the entire department on a daily basis, ensuring the
Data Entry team is on task, working efficiently and production goals
are met. She will be in direct communication with the VP on Data
Trends and individual employee goals and progressions. Reviewers
and Data Entry Department should report directly to Scotti to address
issues or concerns.
Amy Ledet
Director of Front-End Operations
Amy Ledet,
Director of Front-End Operations

Amy has been with Punctual since February 2013. She was
hired on to assist in our Status Department. Her abilities quickly
earned her the title of Lead Status Liaison. Amy then went on to
assist in the Orders Department. In this department she works
hand in hand with management to ensure all client requirements
are met. Her knowledge in these different departments has led
her to her new role as Director of Front-End Operations. In this
role Amy will oversee the entire department on a daily basis;
ensuring each employee is on task, working efficiently and production
goals are met. She will remain in constant communication with
the VP. The Order Department Team, Abstractor Services, as well
as Status Team will report to Amy. Amy has also assisted in launching
the Punctual Abstract Base System, PABS.

Nick Sagona
Senior Software Developer
Nick Sagona,
Senior Software Developer

As Punctual Abstract’s Senior Software Developer, Nick is
responsible for developing and maintaining the main,
mission-critical application, PABs. Working closely with the
management team, new features and functionality are discussed,
approved and then added to the application. In addition to
new features, issues with the existing codebase are tracked
as they are discovered, and patches are pushed to production
in a timely fashion. Nick’s other responsibilities include managing
the server and technology on which the application runs, as well
as identifying the best practices and standards for the hardware
and software needed to have PABs as stable and robust as possible.
Blake Hunter
IT Administrator
Blake Hunter,
IT Administrator

Lee R. Miller, Jr.
Real Estate Counsel

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