Corporate Wellness Apr 25, 2017

Workplace Stress, Corporate Wellness and Productivity

It’s no secret that stress leads to lost productivity. It’s also no secret that exercise reduces stress. It doesn’t take a huge leap in logic to arrive at the conclusion that all businesses should be practicing some form of corporate ...

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Deadlifts Mar 15, 2017

Our CEO and Director of Accounting do Deadlifts…During Lunch Hour

Does your company’s CEO rub shoulders with employees during lunch hour? Punctual Abstract’s CEO Melissa Buras does, and then some. Check out Melissa and Director of Accounting Ariel Hunter crushing new PR's on rack pulls to eventually deadlift off of the ...

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Healthy Lifestyle Jan 30, 2017

An Inspiring Story of Hope

For many of us, staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle is a matter of discipline and attitude. For Brian Simmons, however, the obstacles are far more daunting. In a recent Fox8-WVUE story, Simmons and his battle to lose weight and ...

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Workout Tip Jan 20, 2017

Workout Tip: Get Your Posterior in Gear with Two Exercises

Looking for a workout tip? Working out your backside and the rest of the posterior chain – posterior deltoids, gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, trapezius, etc. – doesn’t have to be a recipe for planks, planks and more planks. Today's Workout Tip Punctual Abstract’s personal ...

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BLOG_banner_DARK Jul 15, 2016

FREE Seminar on July 30th

Come Join us for a FREE seminar! Bring a family member or a friend to HTS/Rack City Gym this Saturday, July 30th from 10 am - 12 pm to hear our trainers talk about the technique and benefits of deadlifting for ...

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